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Merry Christmas, an original song by Grant Boyer

Hi! Grant here. 

So I wrote and recorded a Christmas song back in 2011. It’s a somewhat cynical and hopefully funny look into what Christmas is for many of us. Here’s the new 2021 video for “Merry Christmas”.

The song has recently been released to all popular music streaming services. Add it to your Christmas playlist!

Shortly after writing the tune, my good friend Gary Long invited me to his studio in Barrie, Ontario, to record a song as a Christmas gift. I felt like it was a sign that this Christmas song needed to be laid down.

That year and a few years following, the “Merry Christmas” song has been added to the Christmas Eve/Day rotation on Rock 95 FM in Barrie, ON, which was pretty cool. Special thanks to Craig Ross and his taste for good music 😎

I’ve recently been experimenting with video editing, and this is what I came up with. I’ve always felt like the song deserved some kind of video, so here we go. 🤘🎄🤘🎅

Merry Christmas,


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