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Grant Boyer has finished recording a new album

Hey everyone, Grant here. 

Welcome to my new website! Feel free to snoop around and let me know if there’s anything we can change or add to make it even better. Unfortunately, I can’t change the way I look, or sound… so we’re limited in those fields. But you know, any kind of technical stuff that may make the website easier to navigate and whatnot. 

So, I figured I should fill you all in a little bit on what I’ve been doing the last couple years. In the lockdown summer of 2020, I started recording a new album. Well, it actually just started with one song, but that one song led to another, and then another, and before I knew it I was recording an album. The initial plan was to just throw the new tunes on all the regular streaming platforms and let them be there, but things have become a little more organized. The new music and production of the recordings are sounding so good that I have to give them the respect it all deserves.

So I got a hold of my friends at Admiral Live asking for a hand. Their creative team whipped up this snazzy new website, (that’s right, snazzy) and have been helping to build a small team of new friends who are developing a proper commercial release for the new year. They haven’t given me a date yet, so, soon… maybe. Let’s go already.

I’m hoping that in early 2022, you’ll be hearing some new music from me. It’ll be worth the wait.

Stay tuned…🤘🤘

11 thoughts on “Grant Boyer has finished recording a new album”

  1. Great news Grant! Can’t wait to hear this album! Nice website, I’ve heard great things about Admiral Live! 🤣

  2. I love the website and personally think it is also spiffy! Congratulations I’ll definitely be buying when available…. love the teaser man you ROCK!!

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