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Welcome to an article about a new song that I wrote. Well, the article and the song. I’m writing the article now. I already wrote the song 🙂

The new single “Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again)” is a light-hearted and humorous take on drinking too much, based around a silly riff. At first, I had some heavier words written but it just didn’t feel right singing sad words over something so playful sounding. I decided I wanted to write a song that would make people laugh, but also a song they could relate to. We all have something we struggle to avoid, be it alcohol, social media, drugs, food, video games etc…

Although addiction is no joke, I do believe you need to be able to laugh at the sad and hard things in life, if you’re going to stay sane. Some of the lines in the song are based on true-ish events from my past. Some are just funny and made up. Like, I didn’t think I was Batman, but I did fall off a roof once, while drunk. The drunk dialed my girlfriend stuff was probably drunk texts… and she’s my wife now.  The true events were long ago, and the pretend ones are pretend ones.

Listen to “Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again)” available now on streaming platforms.

Although I was a little young, the 90s was the decade that really influenced me as a musician. I remember picking up a mail parcel from Columbia House Records that had Weezer’s Blue Album, Cypress Hill’s Black Sunday, Nirvana’s In Utero, and Pearl Jam’s Ten. I was so excited to open that package, I remember trying to use a pencil crayon to break open the box, and when it finally broke open, I stabbed myself in the eye with the pencil crayon. Thankfully it was more of a poke than a stab and I was okay. But man, those albums really hit me! I had already gotten into Green Day heavily, but then those four albums really solidified my undying love for music in general, as well as that particular era of music. I think my songwriting is a pretty obvious reflection of this. Especially on tracks like “Alarm Bells”.

Anyway, please take a listen to the new release. If you like it, please Save it, add it to your playlists and share it. If you don’t like it. Don’t do that. I know I wouldn’t.

Listen to “Alarm Bells (Never Drinking Again)” available now on streaming platforms.



  1. I love the song, it’s so true for all of us blue collars slugging thru life every day… the last party style song that was so cool to sing along with everyone was “Friends in low places ” Garth Brooks, I hope it catches on fire and takes off like that for you…thanks for making me laugh, forget life for a couple of minutes I listen to rock 95, they keep playing it….GOOD LUCK.

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